Philipp Pröts MSc.

Current position


PhD Student in the ‘shallow water symbiosis’ group



Main fields of scientific research


During my master’s thesis I investigated the morphology of the marine boring bryozoan Hypophorella expansa Ehlers, 1876 and switched to marines nematodes for my PhD. My current research focuses both on the pharynx morphology and feeding biology of the marine Stilbonematinae Chitwood, 1936 which live in a symbiosis with sulfur-oxidizing bacterial ectosymbionts.







Professional background


Born in Oberpullendorf (Burgenland, Austria), educated in Vienna, studies in Zoology at the University of Vienna, graduated in 2018.




Scharhauser, F., Saavedra, D. E. M., Pröts, P., Ott, J. A., Geier, B., Gruber-Vodicka, H. R., et al. (2024). Revision of the genus Robbea (Stilbonematinae: Desmodoridae), worldwide abundant marine nematodes with chromophoric Fe–Br inclusions and the description of a new stilbonematine genus. Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society, zlae005.

Ott, J., & Pröts, P. (2021). Eubostrichopsis johnpearsei n. gen., n. sp., the first stilbonematid nematode (Nematoda, Desmodoridae) from the US West Coast. Zootaxa, 4949(2), 353–362.

Ott, J., Pröts, P., & Scharhauser, F. (2020) A new marine nematode, Catanema schiemeri n. sp. (Desmodoroidea) with multiple prokaryotic symbionts. Acta ZooBot Austria

Pröts, P., Wanninger, A., & Schwaha, T. (2019) Life in a tube: morphology of the ctenostome bryozoan Hypophorella expansa. Zoological Letters, 28(5).